Does Splenda Really Taste Like Plain Sugar When Used In Certain Foods Or Drinks?


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My son made me a cheesecake & candied sweet potatoes for a holiday and the results were great, the potatoes were even better than usual. The cheesecake was good too. I made cole slaw using splenda, a little garlic powder,grated cabbage and miracle whip. The cole slaw is one that the family now requests often. It does not start to run liquid like when you use sugar. In diet root beer I can't tell the difference. So good in some things. I do not like it in hot drinks.
I've tried it in iced tea...yuck...just like saccharin...‚ô•nassy
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Moe Pence
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Ohhhhh....that's what I was afraid of! I love sweetened ice tea, but I think I'll just stick to using sugar. Thanks, Nassy! Moe
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I get an upset stomach from anything that isn't made with real sugar, I am allergic to saccharin, so that is how I can tell the difference. I get sick, it does taste different to me too.
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Moe Pence
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I wondered if it really could taste exactly like sugar, as the ads say it does. I don't like the taste of the artificial sweetners, including SweetnLow. Do you get sick if it's baked into items such as cakes? I think I'll pass the Splenda on to someone else that can use it. Thanks! Moe
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yes, I do get an upset stomach, it's the saccarin in it, they say it isn't in there, but I know better. I can't even drink a Fresca, I used to like to try to drink one, but always got sick from it. Oh well.
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Ree Ree answered
Yes it does. I had a gastric bypass and can not eat sugar..A friend made me a pie with splenda and I could not tell the difference. Was very very good
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Moe Pence
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I wondered if the taste was different when using for baking, and may use it yet for that. Thank you for your answer in defense of using it.

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