Does Splenda Cause More Harm To Your Health Than Sugar?


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Some artificial sweeteners when used along with decaffeinated bevrages can have the same effect on the liver as alcohol on an alcoholic, but I haven't heard of any issues with splenda. I hope splenda is safe because my mom uses it....
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It all depends on what literature you choose to read today.  I have subscribed to several health newsletters over the years, and it varies day to day, letter to letter.  It depends on who is publishing the information.  I have come to the conclusion that everyone is in someone else's pocket, one way or the other, so I jump back and forth on my sweetners, just in case, one is better than the others.  It would be great if all of us could wean ourselves off of all sweetners altogether. The taste for sweets is an acquired taste, so it is my opinion, that it can be unacquired. That is my personal goal. Stevia is an herb they are recommending nowadays. It is suppose to be 100 times sweeter than sugar. I have tried it, but not enough to give it a recommendation, one way or the other.
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Shujing, Everyone's body is different and you may have an allergy to a substance that someone else may not have.  But, in general, a product that has been on the market as long as Splenda has, has been deemed safe.  I have personally used Splenda for several years.  I like it because you measure it exactly the same as you would when using sugar.  Splenda also has a brown sugar substitute that is actually partially real brown sugar...about 1/2 the calories of regular brown sugar, I believe.    However, my son says he can not use any sugar free product without some stomach distress.  I would say if you are concerned about calories to give it a try and if you have no immediate ill affects, use it with confidence.
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I asked my doctor a while back if artificial sweetners are bad for you, and he handed me an article he had printed from the AMA journal of medicine... It said you would have to drink 20 cans of artificially sweetened soda everyday for 20 years before it would have any effect on you... Even I don't drink that much diet My opinion- moderation as with anything is always best.
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I was told that since your body doesn't recognize foreign substitutes it doesn't react the way it's suppose to and therefore the unfamiliar substitutes will start to stick to yours cells.
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No because e it is just sweetener just to
add a little sugar but if you but a lot maybe you can get
sick because can raise blood pressure if possible
and you can have a fever because it has x2xcfr IRON IT IS A CEMICAL THAT IS A SUGAR that IS BAD I THINK BROWN SUGA SHOOD BE BETTER FOR YOU
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It hasn't been proved that artificial sweeteners are dangerous but you could do a little research online if you're really that worried.

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