What Does Sorrel Taste Like?


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Sorrel is a kind of tough perennial herb coming from the family of buckwheat. Sorrel tastes acidic and sour, thanks to the presence of the oxalic acid. The Belleville sorrel also known as the "sour grass" or the "sour dock" is the strongest flavoured among the varieties of sorrel. The "dock sorrel" is known to have the mildest of flavour of among sorrels.

The sorrel is known to grow more acidic in taste as it matures. The acidic varieties are added as flavouring in cream soups. When the sorrel is young and mild in flavour, it is added to salads and vegetables. Sorrel contains vitamin A and also has calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin C. It is grown in abundance in the continents of North America, Europe and Asia throughout the centuries.

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