What Are The Health Benefits Associated With Eating A Pineapple?


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This is a very interesting question. Pineapple is not only a delicious fruit but also contains powerful bromelain enzymes. Studies have shown that these enzymes can help in healing, reduce inflammation from many causes and improve digestion.

Some of the health benefits associated with eating pineapples is given below
-Lessens time and degree of inflammation. The anti inflammatory action of pineapple is not understood, one theory is that bromelain enzymes block the prostaglandins that play a part in swelling. These enzymes have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and speed tissue repair as a result of injuries. These enzymes are present in raw pineapple or freshly squeezed juice.

-Eating pineapple aids digestion. Pineapple enzymes act specifically to break down protein, helping ease digestion.
-A key factor in heart attacks is blood clots. A blood clot can block an oxygen carrying vessel and this can result in strokes and heart attack. Pine apple enzymes limit this tendency and studies suggest that they may improve circulation in those with narrowed arteries, such as angina sufferers.

It is impossible to know how much enzyme activity a pineapple has because the action varies according to the different type s of may also be affected by growing conditions and ripeness. Eating fresh pineapple has more beneficial effects.

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