What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Caraway?


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Caraway has been cultivated throughout Europe for hundreds of years. It was used in Medieval times as a food (the root was boiled and used much like parsnips are used today).

Medicinally, Caraway works well to promote menstruation, mitigate menstrual cramps, and ease the pains of labouring women. It also stimulates milk secretion in new mothers.

Caraway oil is good for indigestion and flatulence. Place 3 drops on a cube of sugar and suck until dissolved. Chew the seeds of Caraway to remedy halitosis and excess mucous.

Cooked in wine, Caraway expels worms and eases urinary infections. It also works well on haemorrhoids when prepared in this manner.

For respiratory ailments, rub Caraway oil on the body, mixed with a carrier such as olive oil.

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