What Health Effects Does Eating A Pineapple Have On A Person With Diabetes?


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Pineapple is very good for diabetic patients. However moderation is the key as too much of everything is bad especially for diabetics. However, make sure its fresh pineapple not the preserved ones as they contain added sugar.
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Fresh pineapple is generally better for your diet than canned, dried, or juiced pineapple.

If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to track the food you eat. Although maintaining your blood sugar levels is important, you must also consider your carbohydrate intake.

Fruits such as pineapple can be a healthy a choice for people with diabetes. Certain fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can be beneficial to your diet. But they also can contain carbohydrates that can affect your blood sugar, so moderation is key.

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I have diabetes and I don't have any problems with it in moderation like all food.

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