How Do You Make A Book Shaped Cake?


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The easiest way to make a book shaped cake is to try and get your hands on a book shaped cake mould, and yes, you can buy them. This makes the actual sponge very easy to make and after this all you need is to apply the icing and highlight the edges to make it clear what the cake is meant to be.

However, if for any reason you can’t get your hands on a book cake pan or you don’t want to do it the easy way then you could make the cake in three parts. The first two parts would be the two open pages which could be either a sandwich cake or just simply two sponge cakes. The third part will be the spine of the book and will help the cake look more realistic and more like the object it should be. Once it has cooked, stick together with frosting and then finish by decorating with icing or frosting, whichever you prefer.

If it is a closed book you are looking at making this is a bit easier and involves making one large slab of sponge, any flavour. Cover with white frosting and then for the book cover apply fondant icing. Finish with any decoration on the front cover with different coloured icing.

If you are looking at making any other shaped cakes it is always worth looking at shaped cake tins as this makes it easier to create the shape you want without the hassle of cutting the sponge and sticking other bits of sponge together with frosting or cream cheese. These days, cake tins come in an array of shapes and sizes, from children themed to sports, even to the more grown up themed cakes.
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Wilton makes just the cake pan you're looking for and its shaped like an open book. If you are on a budget and that's out then you can make a layered effect with a larger say 13x9 on the bottom then two smaller rectangles ending with two 8x8 pans. How much cake you need will determine how many layers. Use a serrated knife to make the "pages" of your book when frosting it.
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Hello! I'm kaybee. You can go to gardenridge, and you may definitely find a book shaped cake pan. If not there, go to wal-mart and find a wilson decorating book, and you can order a pan differently from them. I use to own a book pan, but I got mine from a teacher when I was in high school. But she ordered hers from wilson's. Good luck
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Anonymous answered had images of book cakes AND you can message the people who made them to ask questions.   If you want an open book, Wilton has a pan that is actually the shape of an open book. If you want closed books, the best way to start is bake sheet cakes, cut in half and stack. Frost them & cover w/ fondant, etc.   More information on the site.
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I found a site "coolest". This has photos and information from people like us that have designed their own cakes. It is a great resource for ideas of all kinds.
Gook luck.
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I want to make a cake for my friend shower she loves reading but I don't want the book open I want a cake looks like a close book
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Stick 2 cakes together and write a beginning of a story on it with iceing
eg once opon a time they was a girl called cinderell she lived with her evil step sisters...

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