How Do You Make A Teapot Shaped Cake?


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Things that you'll need to make a teapot cake are three boxes of cake mixes of three mixes of homemade cake batter, food colouring, icing, marzipan and colourful candy decorations.

The first step is to prepare your cake batter. Bake two batches of batter in two two-quart bowls and one batch in a cupcake pan. Allow them to cool once they are done.

Colour your icing anyway you want. When you are done, spread a layer onto a serving platter to hold your cake in place. Place one of your bowl cakes, small size down onto the platter and spread icing all over the cake.

Place your second bowl cake wide size down on top of the other cake. Insert a plastic drinking straw into the top of the cake, pushing it straight down through the middle until it touches the platter at the bottom. This is to hold the two cakes together firmly in place. Cut off any excess straw that sticks out of the top and cover the whole cake with icing.

Spread a small amount of icing onto saucers to hold the cupcakes in place, these will be the teacups that accompany the teapot.

Colour your marzipan anyway you want. Using your hands, roll out a _ inch thick rope of marzipan for the teapot's handle, a _ inch thick marzipan rope for the teacup's handle and a one inch ball to place on top of the teapot. Attach these pieces to the teapot and teacups, using the icing as glue to hold them in place.

Roll out a thick rope of marzipan with your hands. Squeeze and shape the rope into a teapot spout and attach into the teapot using the icing. If you are having difficulty attaching the spout, then use a few toothpicks.

Once everything is attached and secured in place, use piping icing and your decorations to decorate the teapot and the teacups anyway you want.
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Here is one idea
1. Divide marzipan into half. Tint half of the marzipan any desired color. Divide remaining half evenly into 4 separate pieces. Tint each piece with a different food colors to add variety.
2. Shape the marzipan into rope and form the handle, lid top and spout; set aside. Sprinkle a sheet of waxed paper with confectioners sugar. Roll out colored marzipan pieces to a 1/8 inch thickness. Using 1 1/2 inch flower and leaf cookie cutters, cutout flowers and leaves. Dry marzipan decorations, uncovered.
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Bake the cake in two round floured & oiled bowls. When cooled cover with buttercream frosting, use this buttercream to put the two larger ends together. Let set up. I recommend fondant icing for the handle and spout. It can be colored, and handles like clay and can be eaten if so desired! You can get it in most crat stores in the cake decor isle. Use tooth picks to secure! Good luck!
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Bake two big round bowls of identical shape and a much smaller bowl of cake any desired shape.Join the two big peices with a thin layer of cream to make a round cake.Place the smaller peice on top of it and join it with a thin layer of cream.Cut a rectangular peice of cake from an already from baked cake for the snout join it at the side of the round cakewith help of a tooth pick.Cut a small peice of cake from the bottom to make it stand.Finally coat the entire cake with a layer of cream of desired flavours also make the snout rounded with cream.
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Here are links to really CUTE teapot cakes, with directions, and pictures.  For more ideas, go to and type in "teapot cake" and click on the images tab instead of the web tab.  The first page alone has so many cute ideas!



I don't know if these sites will help you with your daughters' princess birthday party, but I sure did have fun looking at all the cute cake ideas . . . That I most likely will never make!
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You didn't indicate if she wants a cake that stands erect like an actual teapot, or if a sheet cake would suffice. If a sheet cake, cut out in the shape of a teapot would suffice, that would be the easiest to do and the quickest. If you have a large sheet pan, use two cake mixes to make a large sheet cake, following the baking directions. Once cooled, with the point of a knife, trace an outline of your teapot on the top of the cake - be sure you have your outline exactly like you want it. Once you are sure, use a very sharp knife to gently cut into the cake, removing excess pieces of the cake as you go, from the main portion of the teapot. Don't discard the excess pieces of cake as the larger pieces can be used to make small teacups:-) Once you have your teapot cut out, use decorator icing in whatever colors you desire to frost the cake, and any teacups you have made from the other pieces.

This method of course is not a three dimensional version, but is quick, easy and accomplishes the same goal, and is very easy to serve to guest, and can be as unique as you wish it to be. Good luck in your endeavor - sounds like lots of fun!
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Well you could go online and see if they had any on e-bay or something or call some stories and see it they can make you one I'm sure they can. Also I think that's so cutie.
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I know it a year later but if you didnt manage to make the teapot cake you might still want to this year. On they have a cake mould it would make it so much easier for you. Type in Teapot cake mould it is around £7
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Stick the cake mix in an old oven proof tea pot and cook it then try and carefully smash the tea pot off your cake and then you will have a tea pot cake.!

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