I Need To Know How To Make Icing For A Birthday Cake, Any Tips?


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Hey there I am a chef....now depending on what kind of cake you got than you should set your icing....now I got this icing recipe  from 1 of the book butter icing...I tried it its great!!

1 cup butter
1tea spoon vanilla
1cup sugar syrup ratio 1:5

beat all together till frosty...
you can have different flavour as well like...almond cake than just put in a few toasted almonds in there as well!


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Thank you to all who answered my question, but I didn't realize until after I came back on and saw that the word roses was missing from my question. It was supposed to say icing roses! Thanks again though I really appreciate it!
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You could try getting a rose shaped pastry cutter, or an ordinary pastry cutter and shaping the icing as it hardens in the cutter... Not sure if this would work but it might be worth trying..

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