How To Make A Professional Cake At Home?


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After you're done baking the cake, use a bit of frosting in a very thin layer to cover all the cake right down to the plate or cardboard base it's on.  After that dries, ice the sides of the cake first, leaving a high amount near the top.  Smooth the frosting out by turning the cake and keeping the knife or spatula at 45 degrees on the sides.  The pile the icing on the top, and with a long knife or spatula, swipe the flat end of the knife right straight across the cake to make it smooth.  Do this all around the cake until it's even on top.  If you want to make professional decorating, your best bet is to have decorating bags and tips that you can find at a cake supply store.  Sometimes you can put tinted icing into a zip-lock bag, cut a tiny piece of the lower corner of the bag, and squeeze the icing through it to make different designs.  If you're interested in cake decorating (the way the professionals do it) and want to do it at home, try getting one of Wilton's soft cover annual cake books -- it explains in the back how to make the designs, tiers, flowers, etc.

Hope that helped you out some!
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Use a butter cream recipe. Ice the cake as even as you can, let it sit for 1/2 hour, after that place a Viva paper towel on top of the cake and run your hand over it. Icing will get even. Then use a star tip and then push out some icing to create stars on the top and side of the cake. After that take a small tip and write Happy Birthday on the cake.
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Um well like I don't know!!!!!lol my cakes always come out looking green!
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Look online and try your best on utube and places like that sometimes ppl will have videos of people making  really amazing cakes at home and decorating them so try that.
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Making a professional cake perfectly at home requires the techniques like perfect baking temperature, and stirring etc. Note down the ingredients: Eggs, sugar about 140 gram, flour 120 gram, and cocoa powder about 30 gram.

Now follow the recipe: Separate egg white and yolk. Sift the flour and beat it by adding up the yolk. Now add 2/3rd part of the sugar and mix it. In other pot, beat the egg white. Now add sugar in it and beat it again. Mix all together and stir with wooden spoon. Now, its the time to bake it in oven. For baking requirements visit the link:

Professional cake recipes

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Just get cake mix and watch the cake boss

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