How To Make A Fish-Shaped Cake?


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To make a fish-shaped cake, what you'll actually need to do is bake three separate sponge cakes:

  • a round one, for the body of the fish
  • a wedge-shaped cake, that you can cut to make the fins and tail of the fish.
  • a square cake, that will serve as the fish's head and the base of the cake.
Making a fish-shaped cake
Basically, I'd divide the whole cake-making process into two parts: The first part would be the making of the actual sponge cakes (the boring part). The second part would involve decorating the cake (the fun part).

Rather than talk you through how to make a basic sponge cake, I'd recommend you check out a recipe like this one here.

  • As mentioned above, your fish cake will require three separate sponge cakes - the first is a large square-shaped cake that will form the base of your cake.
  • Start by placing your smaller round cake on top of the square cake, and use butter icing to blend their edges together.
  • Now, with the triangular cake, cut out shapes for the fins and tail from the corners. Again, use butter icing to fuse them together.
This will essentially form the body of your cake.

Decorating a fish-shaped cake The easiest way to decorate your cake would be to make a kilo of white sugar-paste icing, and press the entire sheet carefully onto the cake.

You can then begin adding all the fish details:

  • You could use using individual pieces of colored sugar icing for scales, eyes, nose, mouth etc...
  • Or, you may even want to consider investing in an icing coloring kit and applying your design directly to the surface of the white icing.
  • Using colored candy like Smarties or M&Ms might also be an option worth considering!
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If you make it in a rectangular 9x13x2 tin, then when you turn the cake out, you should be able to cut it into the shape of a fish.

If that isn't going to be enough to go around, then you could always make a second one. Hope this helps - good luck to you.
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If you want to make a fish cake, why don't you just add tuna to the recipe?

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