How To Make A Confederate Flag Cake?


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The Confederate flag was the symbol of the south during the American Civil War. It represented the 11 southern slave states of the USA, who combined to make the Confederate States of America; a government set up from 1861 to 1865.

A Confederate flag cake is relatively simple to make and can be baked by using any size rectangular cake, along with red, white and blue fondant icing.

  • Firstly, bake a cake in a rectangular baking tin; allowing 30-60 minutes to cool after removing from the oven.

  • Next take the red fondant icing, roll this out on a dry surface until it is large enough to cover the whole cake. Tip - Sprinkle powdered sugar on your worktop and rolling pin, to stop the fondant from sticking.

  • Carefully lay the red fondant icing onto the cake, and gently smooth it into position with your hand. Cut away any excess icing from the bottom of the cake to give you a clean sharp edge.

  • Similarly, for the blue fondant roll out the icing, and cut two long strips to be used for the 'X' of the confederate flag. Make sure these strips are long enough to cover the cake; stretching from corner to corner.

  • Finally take the white fondant, rolling it out as you did previously. Using a knife or star shaped cutter, cut out 13 fondant stars, placing them evenly on the blue strips.
For a reference as to what the cake should look like, please use the following link -

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