Does Egg White Or Yellow Have Protein?


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Both egg white and egg yellow contain a range of proteins. Eggs are an excellent source of protein; typically, a large egg will have around 2.7 grams of the nutrient. Eating them as part of a balanced diet can be highly beneficial for people of all ages - and what's more, they are suitable for vegetarians, providing they are produced in a setting where fertilization isn't possible. Eggs can be served in a number of ways - fried, scrambled or poached - so it isn't easy to get bored when eating them regularly.

The egg yellow - also known as the 'yolk' - contains a number of proteins, as well as minerals, vitamins and fats. Eating too many yolks can be unhealthy due to their considerably high fat content. On the other hand, one yolk contains around 4.5 grams of fat, whereas the body requires fifty to seventy grams of fat per day. So eating an egg yolk or two a few times a week is not going to affect your diet in a negative way.

But if you are looking to avoid fat, you could stick to eating only the egg white - it is easy to remove the egg yolk using a fork and spoon. Egg whites contain roughly to same amount of protein as egg yolks, but consist of almost no fat whatsoever. As well as small amounts of sodium and carbohydrates, egg whites contain 90 per cent water. This makes them incredibly healthy food sources.

Eating both the yolk and the egg white is highly recommended, as it allows you to consume high quantities of protein along with other important nutrients. In addition, it prevents wastefulness, saving money on the weekly food shop. If you are animal-friendly, be sure to buy your eggs free range; these eggs come from chickens that are reared in humane, pleasant conditions.
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Actually both the egg whites and the yolks contain protein. Egg whites provide almost the same amount of protein than egg yolk but contain near to no fat.

The nutritional break down of both the components of eggs is given below to help you make an informed decision:

Egg white
Weight 1.25 oz
Calories 16
Proteins 3g
Fat None (which also means no cholesterol)
Calcium 2mg

Egg yolk
Weight 0.6 oz
Calories 59
Proteins 3 g
Fat 5g , 212mg cholesterol
Calcium 23mg
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The egg white has most of the protein but almost none of the calories
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Egg yolk has more protein whereas egg white has more calcium
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Egg whites are better for you because they have no cholesterol.

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