What Is Special Fried Rice?


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Fried rice is a popular and key component of Asian cuisine, particularly Chinese food. It consists of steamed rice then stir-fried in a wok, along with other ingredients. It is a common homemade dish, and usually made with leftover rice as well as other scraps and leftovers, which inevitably leads to thousands of variations.
Special fried rice is properly known as 'Yangchow', 'Yangzhou chao fan' or 'Yeung Chow' fried rice. It tends to consist of generous portions of shrimp and scrambled egg, as well as barbecued pork (cha siu) which gives the special fried rice its sweet flavour. It is the most popular rice dish served in Chinese restaurants, so is often referred to as "House Fried Rice".
The frying process can be seasoned to add extra flavour; your personal preference of oil and herbs be it ginger or garlic. It's common that soya sauce is added to make the dish slightly darker and meatier tasting. The reasoning behind the use of leftover, cold rice for this dish is that fresh rice is too sticky. Scallions, egg yolks, peas and carrots are too often added.
For cooking this style of rice you should use long-grain rice, and ideally chill it overnight. Top chefs find that adding spring onions and chopped coriander is a clever addition for a cleaner taste.
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