How Many Lbs Of Deli Meat Feeds 40 People?


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Approximately 20 lbs to 30 lbs of deli meat can feed 40 people but there are several factors to consider. We can never really tell the exact number unless we've taken the following factors regarding the people concerned into consideration:

• Age

Forty people are a lot but if it's composed mostly of children, then it will only take a few pounds of deli meat to feed them. Children eat very little especially meat since it makes them feel fuller faster.

• Gender

If majority of the people are women, chances are it won't take 20 lbs to feed all 40 of them. Women are very conscious about their weight and eating deli meat is one thing they avoid since it can make them gain extra pounds. On the other hand, men are known to eat a lot since they need more energy.

• Medical background

People who have restrictions in their diet due to their medical background won't eat a lot of deli meat at all. They are prohibited from eating meat products especially processed ones. So if these people comprise majority of the 40 individuals mentioned, for sure it won't take a lot to feed them.

But what's with deli meat? Long ago, deli meat was restricted only to cooked, dried, or smoked meat from pork but today, it already includes other animal meats like veal, lamb, beef, and poultry. Others also add a few ingredients to deli meat products such as herbs and spices, flour, and seasonings. They're so easy to prepare and some only required to be heated before consumption. With the ease and practicality these products can provide, it's no surprise that many find them an ideal choice for food.

Deli meat may be good but eating them most of the time can be hazardous to one's health. They're actually processed foods that include preservatives like nitrates and sodium which have been tested and proven to cause cardiovascular diseases.

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