How Many Pounds Of Meat Do I Need To Feed 15 People?


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When throwing a dinner party, it is essential you make enough food to go round. The success of any dinner will diminish straight way if portions are too small, or the food runs out at the buffet - so be sure to provide enough food so everyone can eat their fill. Typically, one person will eat around half a pound of meat at a formal dinner. So for fifteen people, 7 and a half pounds will be needed. To be on the safe side, you should buy around ten pounds, just in case anyone calls for seconds. It is perfectly okay for some meat to be left over at the end of the dinner - this can easily be turned into snacks for later in the evening. A small amount of leftover food is often the sign of a successful dinner.

Of course, the amount of meat you provide is dependent upon what other foods you are putting on the buffet table. If you want the meat to be the main part of the meal, half a pound per person is most suitable. But if you have other foods on offer as well, such as fish or pasta, you could provide around a quarter of a pound per person. Sometimes it is better to provide a balanced spread rather than focusing on one food that some guests may not like. Providing variety means there is always something for everyone.

If you are serving meat as the main component of a formal dinner, remember to check whether any of the guests attending are vegetarian. If so, you will need to rustle up a non-vegetarian alternative. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy - they will appreciate any amount of effort you put in to make them feel comfortable at the table.
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Typically people will eat about a 1/2 a lb of meat if hungry, so 1 lb for 2 people and you have 15 so half of that is 7.5 you should just round that off to 10 lbs. Hope this helps you out.
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I'm a carnivore, so I tend to eat a pound at a time, but most people would figure about 8 ounces per portion, so 8lbs of meat should be enough to feed 15.
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7 &1/2 to 8 lbs. That would be a half lb per person which should be more than enough.

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