How Many Pounds Of Ribs Do I Need To Cook Per Person?


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The suggested serving size for pork ribs will vary depending on the appetites and ages of the people you are serving them for, as well as what you are planning to serve alongside the ribs. If the ribs are going to make up the main part of a meal, a 1lb serving for every person dining should be ample. If you are using ribs as part of a wider food spread, however, like a barbeque or buffet, you may want to think in lesser terms and use half a pound per person to keep costs down to a minimum and reduce excess food waste.

If you're planning to buy your ribs from a large-chain supermarket, always have a quick look inside the pack through the transparent plastic covering first. To get the best possible value for money, try and pick the packet of ribs with the most meat on the bone rather than those which are big-boned and overly lean. You should also avoid buying those which are too fatty, as these are considerably less nutritious and will produce a lot more waste when cooked, as most of your diners will throw fatty cuts away.

When cooking for people with large appetites, think in terms of adding 10% extra to your ingredient weights. This would mean increasing the allocation of 1lb of ribs per person to around 1.1lbs of ribs per person for bigger eaters. You can use a similar calculation when working with younger children or those with lesser food needs. However, if you're thinking of serving a spread for children, you will need to take extra care to remove any bones in the ribs you serve. In fact, it may be worth considering exchanging ribs for something less messy and safer to eat such as hot dogs, cheeseburgers or bite-sized pastries when cooking for children, although this decision ultimately rests with you.
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Don't go by pound, go by rack. An adult person can easily eat a half rack of ribs. Generally I would give a half rack to small children or light eaters and give the adults with larger appetites a full rack of ribs.

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