What To Say On A Graduation Cake?


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A graduation is a perfect time to celebrate and bring together loved ones to commend the achievement of a graduate and to show them how proud you are that they have graduated. A cake is a great way to show this, as it is something everyone who attends can enjoy.
Like with any cake, it is best to think about the person who will be receiving it when thinking of the design. Do they have a favourite type of cake, a favourite colour or a nickname they liked to be called by? Making sure the cake is appealing to them is absolutely vital as it is intended to please them.  You should also consider the subject(s) they have graduated in, if they have recently qualified to be a doctor for example, a stethoscope may be appropriate.
When designing a graduation cake, many people like to opt for a traditional sponge cake with a graduation cap made out of icing on the top. Typical writing on a graduation cake would be ‘Congratulations (insert name) (insert the year they have graduated]’, so would look something like ‘Congratulations Dan! 2011’. There is usually a limited amount of space on a cake so messages should be kept short and simple to have a positive impact and to ensure it is bold and easily read.
Another good idea for a graduation cake would be to have a stack of books, possibly made out of different flavoured sponges with different coloured icing on the outside and with the name of the subjects they studied on the book. ‘Congratulations’ and candles could be placed on the top book/cake as it would provide a smooth flat service perfect for both. This provides something a little different and it is personal and creative.
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The normal thing is "congratulations" and their name. But if you want to be a little funny, add something like "phew, you made it scared me there for a bit" lol or "job well done" something like that. Hope this helps you out.
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Congratulations you made it, now,welcome to the real world.

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