What Supplies Do You Need To Make A Cake Boss Like Cake?


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Go to Wiltonindustries.com and you'll see a full array of sorted cakes, cookies, books, how-tos, etc. I am a professional cake maker and own my own cake business in Jacksonville, FL.  I've used Wilton pans for over 25 years and I love them. I would never use a store bought cake pan, or store bought supplies.  Try to google in your area "restaurantdepot.com". They are a member only (no fees) cheap as heck depot for all of your baking supplies.  As far as cake pans, ideas, yearbooks for cakes, go to Wiltonindustries.com.  It's that simple.

Glad I could help.

Sharron, Jacksonville, FL  (All Occasion Cakes, Inc.)

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