How Do You Make A Beach Scene Bridal Shower Cake?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
Making a beach theme cake for a bridal shower is nice idea. I can tell you how to make you cake look like a beach so you can add your personal touches to give a feel of your own. You can either have a beach shore with people sunbathing and chilling or a scene of a wedding by the beach. You can either bake a 12 by 12 cake at home by a frozen cake from outside. Colour half you're frosting in blue and leave the rest white. Frost ¾ of the cake with the blue and icing and the rest with white, make curves in the blue icing to make it look like a shore. You can use crushed vanilla wafers for sand. Just sprinkle the crush on the white icing.

You can give your beach cake a livelier feel by using gummies in the shape of beach people, sea creatures and surfboards. If you want to show a beach wedding, you will have to use the gummies or other accessories accordingly.

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