Instruction On How To Make A Motorcycle Diaper Cake?


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A diaper cake is a cake that is given to an expectant mom at her baby shower; these cakes can be a great way to express artistry and creativity, while also thrilling the mom-to-be! If you want to make a motorcycle diaper cake, you'll need to create two small circular cakes to make wheels - these should be covered in black frosting (you could use dark chocolate canned frosting, if you don't want to use black food coloring to prepare homemade frosting). If your cake is small is scale, you might want to consider using cupcake pans to make the wheel shapes out of cake mix.

  • Finishing the wheels

These wheels should be vertically placed on a sheet cake base. Then, you'll need to use a freshly baked and cooled vanilla sheet cake to cut our other parts for the motorcycle - each part (including the gas tank, seat, and headlight) can be wrapped in fondant and gently molded into place. Use frosting to stick the different pieces together.

  • Add decorative accents

Add handlebars and "chrome" accents with liquorice sticks that are rolled or molded into shape and then painted with edible lustre powder. If you can, check out some cake-baking shows on the Food network - Ace of Cakes is one popular one. You'll get great ideas on how to build the armature (base, or foundation) for your motorcycle diaper cake. You'll also pick up some creative ideas on how to decorate the cake once it's finished and covered with fondant or frosting.

  • Finishing touches

Candy sprinkles, M & Ms, and chocolate truffles can be used to add details that make your cake look just like a real motorbike, Use your imagination, and don't get too caught up with seeking out perfection. It's more important to just have fun, and to make the cake a spectacle that will get some attention at the baby shower.

The mom-to-be won't be judging you too harshly - she'll simply be thrilled that you took the time to make this special dessert for her.
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The nearest thing I can find to what you are looking for is on YouTube. There are several instructional videos there for making different diaper cakes and motorcycle cakes, so at least you can find some ideas even though it seems hard to find the exact instructions for a motorcycle diaper cake. Otherwise, you may have to look at buying a cookbook with the instructions.

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