How To Make Bassinet Diaper Cake?


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A diaper cake is a gift taken to a baby shower to give to the mother to be. It is not a foodstuff, but instead a more practical gift that takes items the newborn child will need, such as toys and diapers (where the 'diaper cake' gets its name from) and presents them in a decorative, inventive way. There are many different diaper cakes and many ways of making them, but a personal touch is always going to be the best way to finish your own, as it will make it a gift to remember!

To create a bassinet shaped diaper cake, you will first need diapers. Take a large pack of them and prepare them by rolling them from top to bottom into a cylindrical shape. Secure them with an elastic band so they don't fall open. These will be cleverly disguised as part of the cake, but they are its heart and soul - the point of making one! Once you've rolled up enough, you'll want to find a large shoe box, and cover it with paper. Lay a blanket inside it, and drape the excess around the edges of the box. Take your rolled up diapers and wall them around the outside of the box in single file, then fix them in place with a larger elastic band and repeat, creating another wall of diapers. Next, use a posable wire to create an arc frame, and push it through a few more diapers to create the lip of the bassinet's hood. Use a baby towel to create the hood, and secure it in place with some adhesive tape - strong enough to hold it but not so strong as to damage the diapers when they're taken off for use later. Fill the bassinet with baby toys, dolls and any other gifts you want to include. Remember to bear in mind the sex of the new baby if it's known, and to have a unisex colour scheme if it isn't!

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