Instructions on how to make an ATV 4-wheeler diaper cake?


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You need to start by the cardboard tube from wrapping paper in half. You then need to wrap a receiving blanket around one tube and secure at both ends with elastic. Wrap the other half with a receiving blanket too.

Then you need to wrap a diaper around the end of one tube. Secure the diaper with an elastic band. Continue wrapping diapers around the first diaper until that roll of diapers reaches 6 inches in diameter. Repeat the step on both ends of both tubes to form the wheels.

Wrap a 2-inch-wide ribbon around both ends of the diapers and tape the ends together. Place the tubes onto a rectangular plastic cake tray and arrange the rolls so that the taped ends of the ribbon face down.

Then lie a baby blanket out flat on a surface and fold it in half. Fold it in half again to make a rectangle, and place an empty plastic basket in the middle of the blanket and fill it with baby items, like pacifiers and bibs. Wrap one end of the blanket around the basket and tuck a baby bottle on top of the basket. Wrap the other side of the blanket around the basket and tuck any leftover ends within the basket.

Then balance the basket on the cardboard tubes in between the diaper tires. Then wrap a baby bib into a tight roll and slide a baby sock over the bib. Repeat with the other bib.

Then place a stuffed animal on top of the basket and the suck-covered bibs in front of the animal sticking upwards to look like handlebars. You then need to wrap the whole cake in a cellophane wrap or tulle netting, and go about tying a ribbon into a bow at the top, to prevent the four-wheeler from shifting.
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Here are some instructions for making a 4 wheeler diaper cake but there don't seem to be any instructions on the internet for an ATV one. You can buy them ready made, but if you want to make one you may have to go to a baker or confectioner and ask for advice - it may be possible to buy a set of instructions.

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