Party Food & Desert 50th Birthday, What Should We Serve?


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Hi kim14kt,

I suggest that you find out what the person for whom the party is being thrown prefers -- Mexican, Italian, German, American? Is there a theme for the party?

Then go to Sam's Club or Costco and go through the frozen food aisles -- they have some really great frozen foods that are good for parties.

Both Costco and Sam's Club offer roll-ups, meat platters, cheese platters, etc. (these things must be ordered in advance), and Sam's Club has a great round sandwich which is definitely worth getting (I've gotten these for a few parties we've thrown), but again these items must be ordered in advance.

If you're going to need baked goods I would recommend Costco (whose baked goods are far superior than Sam's Club). Everyone we know says the same thing, that Costco offers the greatest selection and quality of baked goods we've found, hands down.

When I am unable to bake we get their sheet cakes, and I've had to get them countless times over the 22 years because of short notice for parties and events for the Girl Scouts, church and school events, etc.

Best of luck to you, and I hope I was helpful; please accept my apology if I was not.
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Crazianna: You should get food that r healthy but good . You shouldn't always just eat healthy food try some tasty yummy treats. Or food that you would want at a crative show some love for food cause you no it go in you . Like for example ribs ,chicken, tangerines ,cake , butter up cookies from  mexico,and lots more. Try burgers and chips hott ones and salty ones. You'll will have a good party if you take my advice you it up wit whine, apple juice dr.peper would b aliitle ova the top tho so just stop it there. I'm crazianna call me craz and holla if you need help or suggestions .

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