What To Write On A Bachelorette Cake?


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Decorating a bachelorette cake should be fun and creative.

I'd recommend using your knowledge of the bride-to-be (and her sense of humor) to come up with a great line to ice on her cake.

What to write on a bachelorette cake Some people like to play it safe and simply write the couple's names - something like 'Drew and Jane' or 'Kaitlyn and Andy'.

This is perfectly OK if you think the bachelorette doesn't want a big hullabaloo. But, in my opinion, every bachelorette wants a party!

One approach would be to harness the energy and love that a bachelorette party entails, and use that vibe to decorate the cake.

If you think your bachelorette would enjoy a night of flirty male strippers and hedonism before her wedding, then maybe a cake with the phrase 'here cums the bride' flanked by two phalluses might be appropriate.

Another cheeky idea would be to use the phrase 'last night out', as this is how many women view their bachelorette party.
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If you are a good friend to her, then you can say 'I wish she was more beautiful and happy every day'. If you're her boyfriend, you can say you love her, or that kind of thing.

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