What Phrases Can I Put On A Cake?


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If you're looking to put a phrase on a cake, your best bet would be to find something appropriate to the event the cake has been baked for.

If you've simply baked a cake because you fancied a tasty treat, I have a couple of suggestions for phrases to decorate your cake.

Words to put on a cake

Before we get too creative, let's get the obvious out of the way:

  • If it's someone's birthday, use 'happy birthday'
  • If it's someone's anniversary, use 'happy anniversary'
  • If it's to celebrate someone passing an exam, use 'Well done!'
  • If it's for someone who's found a new job, use 'congratulations'

Whilst the above examples might sound pretty obvious, there are people who manage to mess up even the simplest of cake messages.

Some funny examples include the phrase 'Super Bowel' that appeared on a NFL themed cake, and the St. Patrick's Day cake that was decorated with the bands of the French tricoleur. The following are suggestions I found quite amusing, and which you may want to consider for your next icing-decorated sponge cake:

  • Enjoy this poison-free cake
  • DO NOT TOUCH, property of...
  • You can't have your cake and eat it too
  • Let them eat cake
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james caison answered
Depends on the occasion - happy birthday, happy anniversary, this cake is not for you, do not lick the icing.
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Steven Smith answered

Depending upon the occasion you can write phrase in the cake. Even you can order customized cake i.e keeping the theme of the cake as the reason of the celebration. I can tell you the shop from where you can buy beautiful customized cake, "Deliciae Patissarie" which is in Bandra, Khar, Santacruz (west) and Hiranandani area (Powai)."

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