How Many Pounds Of Cooked Pasta To Feed 30 People?


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A pound of pasta generally serves 4 as a main course and 6 to 8 as a first course.  As to sauce about a half-cup per person,  If people will be serving the  pasta and sauce themselves, make extra. It also depends on the type of crowd your serving men alittle more for them less for kids etc
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The problem here is that no one has taken into consideration the following:  
What else is on the menue? People wont fill up on carbs unless its at home.
How many men Vs women? Men will always eat more than women.
What time of day?  If early no one will bother with pasta.

I have cooked for 30 and 30+ people so many times and I will tell you that if you add meatballs, and bread 4 lbs Rigatoni max, now if you go salad cut it more.

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