How Many Servings In A 3 Lb. Bag Of Salad?


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The answer to this question depends on a number of factors:

  1. The type of salad the bag contains.
    A bag of chopped iceberg lettuce will contain less salad by volume than a bag of rocket, for instance, due to the density of the leaves.

  2. How the salad is served.
    A salad garnish can be smaller than a side salad, or a salad main course. Because of this, if you are only serving the salad as a garnish, a 3lb bag will likely go a long way, whereas it won't go quite so far as a main course!

  3. What you're going to be eating with the salad.
    You will need less leaves for a chicken Caesar salad, for instance, because the chicken in the dish will contribute a fair amount to the salad's size.
With these things in mind, as a rough guide, a 3lb bag of light leaved salad will likely create two to three main courses, or 4 to 5 garnish/side salads, depending on your typical portion size as chef and on the appetites of your diners.

In many of the finer restaurants, a meal is not so much about leaving the diner feeling stuffed and over-full as it is about creating an experience. A smaller salad, dressed well with a flavorful dressing and matched with the rest of the meal will have a much better effect. Try to estimate a portion size that will hit the spot but not exceed it, and you will find your diners enjoy their meals more and your 3lb bag will go further. Also remember the importance of preparation in food - try drizzling your dressing over the salad in an identical decorative pattern on each platter.

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