How Do I Make A Sri Lankan Dessert?


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One of the most delicious Sri Lankan desserts is milk rice which is also called imbul kiri bath and consists of finely scraped coconut, treacle, cloves, pinch or salt, coconut milk, white rice, and water. But this does not mean that it cannot be compared with other tasty desserts like aluwa, a rich fish curry meal served with black coffee which is made from sugar, butter, milk, mashed potatoes, cashew nuts, rose water, and ground cardamom; avocado crazy, containing avocados, sugar, and cream dash of rum; bibikkan, consisting of semolina, honey, raisins, flour, cashew nuts, coconut, butter, sugar, lime, vanilla, cardamom, rose water, cinnamon, dates, sultanas, ginger preserves, chow-chow and any other fruit you like; wattilappam, which consists of eggs, coconut milk, jaggery, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt; mung kavum, which, in order to be prepared, requires rice flour, mung flour, coconut or kithul treacle, butter, vegetable oil, salt, coconut milk, eggs and turmenic; rulang aluwa, containing semolina, sugar, powdered cardamom, powdered cloves, and chopped cashews; weli thalapa for which you need rice flour, coconut milk, kithul or coconut treacle, and salt; love cake with semolina, butter, sugar, cashew nuts, pumpkin preserve, eggs, rose essence, almond essence, brandy, honey, oil paper, cardamom, cloves cinnamon, nutmeg and lime rind. The most traditional Sri Lankan dessert is kiri pani or yoghurt and treacle.
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Well, nobody can be sure about the dessert's name until they see it or have the full description. It could be semolina and jaggery pudding but you never know it could be kulfi as well. If you know what was added in the dessert then I am sure the website below will solve your problem.

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