What Meat Tastes Best In Sausages?


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Hopefully beef and pork. To tell the truth i have never read the package on red link sausages or jimmy dean.
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How can i be the only one to get a thumbs down when i gave the same answer as everyone else. : ).talk about double standards. : )
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Any meat or by product that can be mashed or ground up with seasonings and flavorings and sometimes grain and a bit of blood stuffed into an animals intestine is fine. That was the purpose of sausage to use up all the inedible (on their own) parts of the animal. One caveat however, it MUST be fried. Everything tastes better fried even cardboard I think.
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Actually an all beef sausage tastes the best.
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Bar none, I say pork!
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Hot pork sausage...especially if u cut it up with chicken and make a gumbo.
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I Don't Eat Anything Related To Pigs I Collect Pig Items... Have Over 200 Different  Ones.. But I'd Say  Something Milder To Compliment The Sausage.  Venison?? My Ex Had Venison Sausage....
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I am a sausage lover and I say pork, followed by beef, and lamb a close third. I don't especially like poultry sausages.
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I can enjoy either pork sausage or beef sausage.  I really have no preference of one over the other.  Both have their "place" in my stomach.

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Whole hog sausage is the best, a little pricey but very tasty, also like a combo of pork and venison
those two also make a good sausage.
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Well up until a while ago I alwys thought it was just pork that went into sausages but watched a programme on the television & i found out that all sorts of different stuff can go into them. I've heard beef is really nice. The only different one i've tried is veggie ones & they were actually quite nice. Why which ones have you tried Keith? I'm not much of a sausage person. The only way I like them is nearly burnt. I don't like them when there like cooked on one side & the other side is uncooked. Grose. Xxxxx

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