What Are The Best Protein Foods Apart From Meat?


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Looking to up your protein intake?

Everyone knows that juicy beef and red meat is brimming with protein, but what if you're going meat-free? There are plenty of healthy and protein-rich options out there, but tread carefully - not everything is what it may seem:

The best way to get protein without eating meat

Fish is a great alternative to meat if you're looking for a protein fix. Salmon and tuna are touted as two of the healthiest (and most sustainable) options around.

The trick with fish is to check the source. If your fish was caught in the wild, it'll be full of omega-3 and protein. However, farmed fish tends to be reared on poor-quality feed, and generally doesn't contain as much sustenance.

Tempeh is an Indonesian soy product that is very similar to tofu. However, choosing tempeh over tofu is a wise choice.

Tofu tends to be full of processed starch and fillers, which leaves very little room for delicious protein. Tempeh is generally healthier, and tastes better too!

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is considered a "superfood" for the amount of protein the small grain contains. It also has far less carbs than other protein-rich vegetables (like kidney or lima beans).
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Fish is one of those protein foods, and in some areas it can be obtained at low cost. A great variety of fish foods are now available in ever-increasing supply—mussels, scallops, periwinkles, sea urchins.

They can be baked, planked, pan- or deep-fat-fried, poached or steamed, whichever method brings out the best in each one. Are you keeping your eye on the fish market?
The egg is another satisfier that is a complete protein. It, too, can be prepared in a variety of ways—from the hard-boiled egg to the exquisite soufflé. No wonder it is so popular!

Some foods, though not being complete proteins such as eggs, still contain valuable protein. These foods, such as peas, navy and Lima beans, are often called "incomplete" proteins because they do not contain as many of the essential amino acids.

Lentils are another example. They, combine with many foods to provide satisfying yet inexpensive dishes.

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