What Are The Proteins Describe Their Functions?


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Proteins are the macromolecules that carry out virtually all activities; they are the molecules that make things happen. Proteins are polymers made of amino acid monomers. The number of amino acids varies from a few to 3000. Proteins are most abundant organic compounds to be found in cells and comprise over 50% of their total dry weight. They are present in all types of cells and in all parts of the cells.
Proteins perform many functions. They build many structure of the cell e.g., cell membrane. All enzymes are proteomic in nature and they control whole metabolism of the cell e.g., pepsin, tyrosine. Hormones, proteins regulate metabolic processes e.g., insulin. Some proteins work as carriers and transport specific substances such as oxygen, lipids, metal ions, etc. Some proteins called antibodies defend the bossy against pathogens. Blood clotting proteins prevent the loss of blood from the body after injury e.g., fibrinogen. Movement of organ and organisms and movement of chromosomes during anaphase of cell division are caused by proteins.

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