Why Is Protein Harmful For The Body? What Does It Cause?


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Protein is not harmful to the body. However excessive amount of protein consumed is excreted from the body. Protein is used to build muscle and enhance physical performance.

Excessive protein is filtered by the kidneys. One part is converted into urea and the other into glucose. The urea is excreted through urine and glucose is used by the body as an energy source.
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True, well i started to take the protein whey a year ago and it basically clogged my liver. My body started to dehydrate all my bodys water any way possible. I urinated immediately after drinking, i woukd sweat alot, diharea, and even vommit,. I almost died until the doctor stuck three ivys into my blood stream. If your going to take alot of protein, just make sure you drink alot of water to keep your liver healthy. Maybe my body just acts differently but im a light weight. Only 115 lbs. That may have been it... But either way water is always a good thing to drink in extension when taking massive amounts of protein.

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