How Do U Make A Wrestling Cake?


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I would like to make a cake for wrestle mania.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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Use fondant and wire for the ring and the use real toys for the guys. And maybe make a broken chair made out of frosting in the ring. Also on the side of the cake have "w vs. Raw" but look for those designs online because you could find the official logo. Another thing for the ring would be pretzel rods for the posts and the rope twizzlers to make it edible.
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You could make one as a WWE Kinda champions belt.
Easier would be a wrestling ring, basic square cake, posts out of large candles, That red liqorise as ropes and a couple of small wrestling figures from a toy shop.

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Ill tell you what I did was I made a Sheet cake and bought wwe action figures and a ring and put them on the top of the cake.

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