What Are The Best Tasting Tomatoes?


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That all depends on whether you like the acid ones or the low acid ones. As well as what you intend to do with them. For bruchetta I like the big juicy red beefsteak and/or a pink or yellow brandywine. They are also great sliced thickly for a composed salad. I've recently been growing one called 'Orange Strawberry'. It is bright orange and shaped like a strawberry! It is very low acid and surprised me at first but I do like it chopped up with other colorful meaty tomatoes with olive oil, S&P and some basil for a perfect summer salad. I tasted several 'purple' tomatoes and liked the Black Prince best. I am growing it this year.

A tomato tasting was held in various parts of the country and the top ten for each one had quite different varieties. So either tomatoes grow differently in different soil/weather or regional tastes differ greatly. Only one made all the lists and I think it was a brandywine, but it was a long time ago.

I suggest you go to your local farmers market and try every variety they sell in your own taste test. Only you will know what you like best. Just be sure to keep track which is which ;-)

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