Can You Name 10 Candy Bars With Nuts?


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You have 'Snickers', 'Hershey with Almonds', 'Reeses', and 'Payday' as different types of candy bars with nuts in them or a nut base.

  • 'Reeses' is technically not a candy bar with nuts, but a candy bar made with a nut base given that uses peanut butter.
'Snickers' is a candy bar with peanuts in it, with caramel and a chocolate covering. It is a favorite for those who like nuts, with caramel on the inside. There are some who prefer 'Milky Way' that does not have nuts, but does have the caramel center. 'Hershey with Almonds' is a chocolate bar in which almonds are thrown in to the chocolate when it is hot.

'Payday' is a different candy bar made by the Hershey Company. There are nuts covering the entire outside of the caramel center. It is a sweet and salty combination.

  • 'Baby Ruth' is a popular favorite that is similar to 'Payday'.
Hershey is one of the biggest candy companies in the US, producing a variety of nut bars such as 'Zero'. 'Zero' is a caramel, peanut and almond nougat that has white fudge covering the bar.

  • 'Mars Bar', 'Nut Roll', 'Pecan Log Roll', and 'Almond Joy'' are other candy bars with nuts.
The nut roll and pecan log roll are similar. The only difference is that one is made with pecans and the other is a peanut roll. The inside usually has a white nougat center that helps keep the nuts attached in the bar. 'Almond Joy' is an almond bar with chocolate covering and coconut. 'Mars Bar' is another bar with chocolate, caramel and nuts that a lot of individuals prefer. There are more than 10 candy bars with nuts and these are just a few.
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Almond joy, snickers, baby ruth, hersheys with peanuts, hersheys with almonds, Cadbury has a few with nuts, Big Hunk, Bounty, Good news, Look!, Promises, Oh Henry, Pay day, Zero, Take 5, Symphony, Skinny hunk, Nut Roll, Rocky road, Peanut chews... Wow that's more than 10 lol
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M&M peanuts, Snicker's, Baby Ruth, Hershey's with almonds, Pay Day, Nut Roll, Almond Joy, Rocky Road, Bounty, Take 5...there I DID IT! Now where's my prize!!
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Snickers, Baby Ruth, Hershey's with almonds, PayDay, Almond Joy, M&M Peanut, Mr. Good bar,
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Rocky road, m&m peanuts, snickers, toffe crunch, payday, nutroll, bab yruth, Hershey almonds, lion, take five, almond joy, Cadbury nuts and raisins, peanut chews, look, zero, white lion,Bueno, ferraro Roche, kinder hippo, Bueno white, elegant.... I'm so hungry now.

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