How Do You Make A Norfolk Dumpling?


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A  Norfolk dumpling is very simple to prepare, and requires little in the way of ingredients.

Allow 1 heaped tablespoon self raising flour (or plain flour and baking powder) for each person , a pinch of salt  and water to mix.

Sieve flour and salt into a bowl. Add sufficient water to make a light dough.turn onto a floured surface.Knead lightly then divide into the required amount of pieces. Form into round dumplings.Cook in a greased steamer for 20 mins. Alternatively, they may be placed on top of vegetables to cook.This may take slightly longer,about 25mins.

Many people think that a Norfolk dumpling contains yeast, some even say that suet should be added! Heaven forbid!

Yeast dumplings and suet dumplings are very well in their own right but please be assured this is the ONLY way to make a PROPER Norfolk dumpling.  Many years ago when money was scarce and families were large there was often not enough meat to go around.The dumplings were often served first with some gravy.This helped to fill empty stomachs,thus enabling the housewife to eke out the meat and vegetables,so that each member of the family had their share of the precious Sunday joint.

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