Is Vanilla Flavour Same As Vanilla Extract?


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There are a lot of people who might not know the exact difference between Vanilla flavour and vanilla extract but since I am into baking stuff so I know the difference. At first I wasn't aware of the difference but going through numerous baking books lead me to the discovery of the difference between the two.

Vanilla extract is actually made by percolating chopped vanilla beans, a form of alcohol and water. This process is kept as cool as possible so the flavour loss is just a little, though some manufacturers do feel that there should be heat to have the best kind of  extraction. Most companies use a regular blend of beans, which they import from other regions too, to create a distinguished flavour.

There are people who don't like using an alcohol-based extract and so they can easily substitute natural vanilla flavour which can be found at a lot of super stores. Although in this one, the flavour comes from vanilla beans, but it actually doesn't fit the exact profile for extracts, so it has to legally called the natural vanilla flavour.

Other then these two, you can also find vanilla powder, vanilla beans etc in the market to suit your needs.
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Vanilla extract is a flavor extracted from vanilla beans. There is not that much of a difference between vanilla flavor and vanilla extract. We can say that the savour of vanilla extract is vanilla flavor. Vanilla extracts are strong and sweet. They are very helpful for upset stomachs.

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