How Do You Do Flavour Popcorn?


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Everybody enjoys popcorn with some flavour on it. It's a very task to flavour you popcorn at home. In order to flavour your popcorn at home you would just have to sprinkle some flavour onto your popcorn when it is being made.

When you've kept it on the stove with oil just try and sprinkle some powdered cheese on it and you will notice that the powdered cheese will start sticking to the popped corn. You could use any form of flavour which is in a powdered for while making popcorn. Just see to it that you don't put too much of it to spoil it.

Another thing that you could do is add sugar and water to your popcorn and add some food colour too it. You could also add melted butter and sprinkle gelatine on it to make it of a flavour of a fruit. You could even add all sorts of sauces to it while cooking it. Just don't pour too much as they might become soggy.
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Um.. When it is off and you have placed the popcorn bits in wet it a LITTLE!! Enfisis on LITTLE then sprinkle with sugar and set on ON and watch it pop

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