Which Popcorn Pops The Best?


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Orville Redenbacher's.
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If you're going with pre-packaged microwave bags, I've had a lot of success with Orville Redenbacher.
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The best popcorn is gourmet kernels you pop yourself. I like Amish popcorn, the baby white is the best. It's practically hull-less and I seldom have any kernels kernels after popping. I also find it to be the most tender and fresh.

You can find it (and order it) online if you Google Amish popcorn.

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If you want to make something like caramel corn or toffee popcorn, you should use Mushroom Popcorn because it pops into a firm, ball shape, that is easy to mix with caramel or other candy coating - and will not break when you mix and stir it with the candy.

If you like the popcorn you get at the movies, you may want to use the popcorn the movie theaters use because it pops up big and fluffy, just like at the movies.

If you like popcorn, but hate getting hulls stuck between your teeth or in your braces, you may like eating hull-less popcorn. Hull-less doesn't mean it doesn't have a hull at all - it means there will be very few, if any, hulls after you pop the popcorn.

It has a very thin shell (hull), so when it pops, the hull shatters and disappears. If you use very good quality gourmet hull-less popcorn, you may find only 1 or 2 hulls in an entire bowl!

There are also many small local popcorn farms around the county and it's always fun to try this type of popcorn.
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Popcorn pops best when the kernels contain about 15% moisture, and will expand to thirty or forty times their original sizes when popped. Orville Redenbacher is the best in my opinion.

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