How Do You Make A Candy Bar Wrapper Purse?


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Now you can either make a purse entirely out of candy bars wrapper or just decorate a purse with it. To make a purse with candy bars you would require hundreds of wrappers. Use the same procedures used for making a chain but go on connecting the wrappers to each other from all sides. It is a bit complex and you might get stuck in the middle. But if you succeed in doing it then you would get a very nice bag made of candy bars.

Otherwise just use the candy bars to decorate a readymade purse and give it a new look. Take a purse of the required size and shape. Then get all the wrappers and glue or Mod Podge. Spread glue or Mod Podge on the wrappers and start covering your purse carefully in the design and manner you want. Apply glue or the other substance to the strap of the purse and cover it with the wrappers. Use your creativity and imagination to make the purse different and unique. Add finishing touches and let the purse dry before it is used.
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To make the candy wrapper chains or purses...what you do is cut them down to 2" x 4.5" rectangles and then folding them into little links. Then weave those links together into a chain. Now you gotta "ring" that chain into a joined circle. Make multiple chains/rings and sew them together into the body of the purse. Sew the bottom closed then weave and attach a handle (basically just a little bit longer chain that joins at the top corners. Last, sew on a zipper at the top edge. It's a simple process once you know how. I have a how to video on my blog:

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