Where Do I Get Free Candy Wrapper Templates?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

There are many of these on the internet to be honest, but Pinterest is a good place to start

Pinterest - Candy Wrappers

A search will bring up many alternatives. Do you have in mind the kind of candy you are looking to wrap or what you would like it to say?

Many templates are totally customisable, so you can pretty much say whatever you like on there, which is great for Halloween and Christmas.

I personally had some success a couple of years ago, selling 'Reindeer droppings' (chocolate covered raisins) with a funny rhyme and some nice packaging, these were from templates downloaded for free.

Desktoppub.about.com is good too, there are many different templates on there... or if you want some more ideas try this Google search

I hope that helps, good luck!

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