Have You Ever Had A Spaghetti Sandwich?


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When I was a kid and my mother made spaghetti for dinner there was
always more sauce than pasta.  My father used to get a piece of
white bread and put sauce on it when the pasta was gone.  He'd eat
it like an open faced sandwich. 

I never thought of putting the pasta between bread, but can't see
anything wrong with that.  The more carbs, the better, I always

Hey, how about making a spaghetti sandwich using pizza instead of bread?
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I put a small amount of butter in the pan and then a scoop of spaghetti, and then toast the spaghetti, flip it over and toast the other side, then put it on the buttered bread... We love that here...I freeze the left over spaghetti, then pull it out when I don't feel like cooking a big meal... Now I know what's for supper tonight!!!
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I have not ever it sounds gross :P
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never but I will. It sounds delicious.
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I have never had a spaghetti sandwich but it sounds good.
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Yes i hve,put cold spaghetti in it great!
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You know what's even better? Spaghetti sandwich made with leftover garlic bread. Now that is yum. I wish I had some leftover spaghetti and garlic bread right now. Stupid diet.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I know most people say that they are on a diet, but they love my questions, you can cheat on your diet here, and still hold on to it. Sorry love.
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I also used to clean up my spaghetti by soaking up the sauce with a slice of white bread! Is that close enough? BTW, have you ever had fishcakes and spaghetti? That is the bomb...especially the fishcakes that have potato in them.
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I used to do that a lot as a child, now I make spaghetti and garlic toast sandwiches- and I thought spaghetti an white bread was good!!! This is the bomb!
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EEEWWW Is your fridge empty today?  Does your little one have a science project or something? Your makin me hungry. AGAIN. HeHe
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Honey, you HAVE to try it!!!!! Make your batch of sketti, get a piece of bread, butter it, and put your hot or warm sketti on it!!!!, add garlic powder, salt and pepper, eat the love of my home please!!!!!♥
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It sounds like something my child would make or someone in a hurry.  It might be good if the spagetti was fresh and hot and eaten on garlic bread.  Other wise, it don't sound to tempting.  No, I have not tried it, I may one day but not right away and it would have to be fresh, hot, and on Garlic bread.
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Haven't had breakfast yet but does sound very tempting.  How do you make sure the spaghetti doesn't fall off the bread?
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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You fold the bread in half, and make sure that you coil the spaghetti up. lol or you can cut it up.
Pamela Krueger
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lol, guess I was visualizing spaghetti hanging out all over from the bread, being really messy, but it does sound good.
Pamela Krueger
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You know what else is good? A baked bean sandwich!
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Yes, I love spaghetti sandwiches! I just read that some guy claims to have "invented" them. But I remember enjoying them as a kid in the early 80's. So he's a little late to the party!

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