Have You Ever Had A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich On Toast?


17 Answers

terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
Yeah yummy yummy yummy for the tummy!
Charming Gurl Profile
Charming Gurl answered
Yes I tried it trice. It's fine.
BEN GREGO answered
I usually make mine that way, but ONLY with crunchy peanut butter! If it ain't crunchy, it ain't peanut butter..LOL
carol washington Profile
I tried it on toast and was not a fan. I still like it made on white bread best and on cracked wheat i enjoy it for a change of taste.
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
Yes. I love it. It is so good. Crunchy, but then smooth and creamy from the jelly and peanut butter.
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
I did in fact! It is incredibly delicious! I just might prepare myself a toasted peanut butter sandwich later.
christine johnston Profile
PB&J on toast w/ coffee is my favorite breakfast food!!
Have you ever tried PB & Lettuce on toast??
I always eat mine with a big glass of chocolate milk...YUMMY!!!

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