Is It Bad To Eat Beans And Peanut Butter When You Have A Cough?


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I think that depends on how bad your cough is. Personally, I'd avoid peanut butter, but I think you'll probably be able to get away with baked beans - if they're warm, they might even soothe your throat.

Why Should I Avoid Peanut Butter When I Have A Cough Or A Sore Throat?
A cough is often accompanied by a sore, dry and swollen throat, and this can be very hard to relieve - especially when it's the product of a cold, flu or fever.

Peanut butter is pretty soft, and although it might seem a good choice in theory, its thickness and relative dryness will cause more discomfort than it's worth. Peanut butter isn't easy to swallow on the best of days!

Chunky peanut butter in particular is a huge no-no when you have a cough! The tiny bits of peanut will scrape and hurt when you swallow, and that's the last thing you want to deal with when you're already trying to manage a sore throat.

What About Beans?
Beans may not be as dry as peanut butter, but they make up for that by being somewhat paste-like in consistency, so they're just as capable of coating your throat and drying it out.

Fresh green beans will probably be okay, but you'll want to avoid baked beans if possible!

The biggest drawback to eating beans and peanut butter while suffering from a cough is that you could potentially worsen your condition. Your throat needs to be rested and rehydrated in order to heal - it doesn't need to be coated with fats and starches!
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Well, actually, peanuts are not a good idea when you have a cough. This is because they are dry, and when you drink water after having peanut butter it will definitely affect your throat.

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