How Do You Make A Good Shepherd's Pie?


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The base of a good Shepherd's pie is a good mince meat and whether you choose lamb or beef, make sure it is a premium product, not a cheaper mince full of gristle.

Fry the mince in some oil, olive oil being good for health reasons and taste, adding some browned onions if liked. Once the mince is cooked, it should be combined with a rich onion gravy, either home made or made up from a mix. Add a few peas and some finely diced carrot and the base is made.

For the topping, nothing can beat fresh mash, so prepare plenty of peeled potatoes and boil in a lightly salted water for about 20 minutes until soft enough for mashing. Add a little butter and pepper, but leave the mash quite dry as it can go soggy on top of the base when baked.

Line an ovenproof dish with the meaty base and top with the mash. Sprinkle a little grated cheddar on top if liked and bake until the top is just starting to brown and the whole pie is piping hot. Serve with some greens, broccoli is good, some extra gravy or some brown sauce. Yum.

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