Why Do Indians Drink?


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The same reasons anyone else does.    
but I'm guessing the question you want answered is why native americans have more alcoholics per capita than other peoples. It's my opinion this can be attributed to several factors and none have much to do with race but a lot to do with racism. There is much poverty and unemployment on reservations, this leads to depression and/or boredom. Alcoholism and drug abuse and depression are close friends. Native americans, like african americans, have had their history, culture and identity stolen from them. A people without a past sometimes reach for an artificial escape.
I read a fascinating study on two different settlements. One that was rife with alcoholism and drug abuse and the other wasn't. The difference was that the cleaner living one had found the "old ways" and got in touch with their past. I wish I could remember the name of the book. It's been too long since I read it.
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The same reason other races drink, but unfortunately, because of genetics, some people are more prone to alcoholism than others.  Especially in depressed areas, such as russia, social factor, natives were did not have refined sugar in their diets for thousands of years, so their systems cannot handle alcohol.  Same goes for certain fermented high sugar drinks in asia.  There is a problem in asia with cognac, as this is very sweet and very addictive.  Also, there is a drink called drambuie, which you should only have one shot of, because it was created for Bonnie Prince Charlie's army to drink before they went to battle. This drink causes people to go right crazy and trash everything around them.  Alcohol is illegal in Egypt for this very reason.  They tried to outlaw here, but because it is such a great part of our culture, it created more crime than eliminated.  Google Prohabition

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