What Alcohol Can I Mix With Orange Juice?


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There are a thousand and one different alcoholic drinks that you can mix with orange juice so as to come up with what is commonly referred to as a screw driver or a cocktail. This includes such alcoholic drinks as coconut rum, gin, vodka and even spirits that will spruce up your orange juice and ensure you get some fun and laughter afterwards.

For starters, if you take it upon yourself to mix crème de menthe with orange juice, you will come up with one of the most amazing mix that is commonly referred to as a flying tiger. This has all the magic that comes with mixing orange juice with alcohol because you will dilute all other flavours with vodka and then marry them again with a touch of Galliano.

On the other hand, you can still use your orange juice in combination with other drinks to derive a cocktail that is commonly known as Jamaica Glow. The odd name comes from the fact that you will be required to mix gin, a little Jamaican rum and orange juice.

It is also possible to modify the famed Tequila Sunrise so that it becomes an Executive Sunrise when you replace white tequila with gold tequila in the mix. Then, instead of using grenadine for a sun rise effect, crème de cassis will be used in combination with orange juice to get a heavenly drink.

To come to a suitable and sweet conclusion, when you search the internet, you can also come across the amazing recipe for Jungle Juice. This is one of the hits in America since it affords a punch that can be used for a fully blown party by mixing peach schnapps, vodka, rum, soda, triple sec, gin, wine, punch and a lot of concentrated orange juice.
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Also good: Orange juice and Peach Schnapps.

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