What Can We Mix With Wine To Control Acidity Without Reducing The Taste Much?


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Hello :)
Great question, just a few suggestions of what I do:
A) - try adding 7-up, Sprite, Ginger Ale, something of that nature
b) - as someone said, Club soda is a great idea - throw in a few limes or lemons, depending on the wine, for a nice lil kick
c) - sometimes I'll mix wine with a vodka and cranberry drink, or maybe a screwdriver, makes for a great taste
d) - another great (and similar) idea is to mix wine, seltzer, ice cubes, lemon/lime, and a fruity (I prefer a dark fruity with a Shiraz or the like) Frutopia or Gatorade in a pitcher or punch bowl - also great for parties! It's been a big hit as a summer cooler...
Hope these help you! :)
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Unfortunately anything you add takes away from the true nature of the wine. Older wines have less acid, and whites have less. I suggest if you are going to mix don't use citrus, that's more acid. Water, Club soda are okay but change flavor too much. I suggest going with more of a spritzer idea; 2 parts white wine, 1 part white grape juice or apple, 1 part 7-up, slice, generic lemon/lime soda etc. Mix and pour over ice. Refreshing and just mildly alcoholic... Nice on a hot day with cheese and fruit, but kinda a girls drink. Oh I almost forgot also you might try sparkling apple cider, or sparkling grape. I prefer something stronger like a nice Gin & Tonic with a squeeze of lime....mmmmm!
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Someone after my own heart! I always loved a good gin and tonic! Unfortunately, with the M.S. I can't drink anything anymore. :-( Have one for me, will you? LOL
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You can add club soda or water to your wine to get rid of this problem. Prefer white wine over the red one, because it causes less acidity.
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Love all your answers. Awesome! I am going to try white wine with lime slice , club soda and bit of apple cider...lets see

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