How Can I Make A Great Smoothie Without Using Orange Juice?


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I'm not a big fan of oranges, so I tend to leave them out of my smoothies. Here are a few ideas you could try out with your blender:

Great smoothie recipes (that don't contain orange juice)

The following smoothies are ones that I've tried and definitely approve of:

  • Organic Vanilla and Pear Smoothie- Take a fresh pear and an organic vanilla bean, peel them both, add fat-free milk and a low-fat probiotic yogurt.
  • Exotic and Slimming- A blend of banana, agave syrup, low-fat milk, low-fat probiotic yoghurt, weight loss formula, a handful of fresh strawberries.

How to make a smoothie I'm a big fan of smoothies, although to be honest I was originally quite skeptical about them.
I kept hearing about them on TV, but it all seemed like yet another health fad.

  • When I was looking to shift a few pounds though, I decided to plug in the blender. I haven't looked back since, and even though I'm no longer trying to lose weight, I'm still always up for a tasty smoothie.
Orange juice tends to be a big ingredient in many smoothie drinks, but you could always try taking a recipe and substituting OJ for something like cranberry juice or apple juice.

Good luck and keep me posted on any smoothie recipes you come across!
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Mark Westbrook answered
A smoothie, or fruit drink can be made relatively easily without any orange juice. You will need the following items:

  • A sharp knife
  • A chopping board
  • A blender or smoothie machine with sharp blades (take care!)
  • A banana
  • frozen mango pieces
  • frozen berries
  • Fruit juice or Milk
Firstly, chop the banana up into small pieces, place the frozen mango and berry pieces into the blender or smoothie-maker with the banana on top (the machine will need to blend the hardest pieces first) and then with the fruit juice or milk on top.

Blend them together until they make a thick, cold drink. Most shops will sell frozen fruit now, this adds a very cool, cold element to the drink with the frozen goodness of the fruit packed into it. Drink by straw or eat with a spoon until some of it thaws!

Wash the blender very soon after use or it will become a complete mess and difficult to clean up!

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